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New Jack RnB

New Jack RnB

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Turn back the clock and crank up the groove with New Jack RnB by Loops 4 Producers. This sizzling sample pack channels the infectious swagger of 90s R&B and Hip-Hop hits, infused with a modern edge inspired by masters like Teddy Riley, Bernard Belle, Timbaland, and Darkchild.

From MJ to Bruno, It's All Groovy:

Feel the pulse of Michael Jackson's moonwalk, the smooth flow of Johnny Kemp, the electrifying energy of Bobby Brown, and the contemporary fire of Bruno Mars, Snoop Dogg, and Cardi B. New Jack RnB puts the sonic toolkit of New Jack legends in your hands, letting you forge your own groove-infused anthems.

Unleash a Symphony of Sound:

This pack isn't just a beat box – it's an orchestra of possibilities. Blend elements of jazzy horns, funky basslines, soulful keys, and rhythmic guitars with pulsating swing drums, shimmering synth pads, lush strings, and soaring orchestral hits. Craft the sonic landscape of your dreams, one layer at a time.

Modern Take on a Classic Vibe:

New Jack RnB breathes fresh life into 90s grooves. We've meticulously captured the essence of the golden era, infused with contemporary production techniques for a sound that's both nostalgic and cutting-edge. You'll turn heads while keeping the dance floor moving.

Everything You Need, Royalty-Free:

This pack delivers all the ingredients you need to cook up your own New Jack masterpiece. Build radio-ready tracks, ignite your live sets with electrifying jams, or rework classic tunes with a modern twist. The creative freedom is yours, and the royalty-free license means you can share your musical magic with the world.

So grab your headphones, channel your inner New Jack, and let Loops 4 Producers unlock the funky, fresh, and unforgettable world of New Jack RnB. Are you ready to make your own history?

Product Details:

• 5 Construction Kits
• 58 WAV Files
• Key & Tempo Labelled

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